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Lot DB26 Kit of 6 x 2023 YBs from Formula 1 Lofts

Auction closed for price: £1,510.00
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Reserve price met.
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27th of October 2022 at 11:00 AM
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Lot DB26 – A kit of 6 x 2023 YBs from Formula 1 Lofts

Pedigree Info: Home of the Frans Zwol. These will be from their stock loft and the combined cost would be £3,000 to buy from the loft. Formula 1 Lofts will work with the buyer to find the ones you want them from.

Ready Date: End of April.

Collection Info: Essex. Buyer is responsible for arranging collection.

Fancier Info: Formula 1 Lofts (John Cowlin + Gladwin, Jarvis & Family) is the home of the Frans Zwols having brought all of Frans pigeons in late 2015, every racer and stock bird moved from NL to the their lofts in the UK, this included the champions like Tip Top Junior, Amor, Prince of Rekkem, D’Artagain, Queen of Rekkem and many more. Frans Zwols have won over 70 times 1st or 2nd Open at National or Combine level since 2017. Also the Golden de duif UK & ROI winner the last time it was run in 2020. Records have been broken like first 8 in NFC by one fancier, first 14 positions in NFC all Frans Zwols. In 2022 again 5x 1st National winners, 4x 1st Combine wins including 1st UNC, Ace Pigeon One Loft Race, plus much much more. To read more on Formula 1 Lofts please visit www.formula1lofts.co.uk/

Auction Background: This auction has been put together by Rachael Bacon who is raising funds for her brother Dominic who has recently been diagnosed with stomach cancer at aged 29, to help support him, his wife and 2 year old son whilst on his cancer journey. Dom is undergoing Chemo, then will have a short break and an operation will follow to remove his stomach.

Rachael would like to thank the breeders for their kind donation of this lot and the future buyer. For more information on stomach cancer please visit www.nhs.uk/conditions/stomach-cancer/

Posted Bids
UsernameBid AmountDate MadeWinner
MarkGower£1,510.0006-Nov-2022 17:39:11Yes
RobJones£1,500.0006-Nov-2022 17:39:10 
RobJones£1,470.0006-Nov-2022 17:38:49 
MarkGower£1,450.0006-Nov-2022 17:38:48 
RobJones£1,350.0006-Nov-2022 17:38:23 
MarkGower£1,330.0006-Nov-2022 17:38:22 
RobJones£1,270.0006-Nov-2022 17:37:34 
MarkGower£1,250.0006-Nov-2022 17:37:34 
RobJones£1,170.0006-Nov-2022 17:37:11 
MarkGower£1,150.0006-Nov-2022 17:37:11 
RobJones£1,110.0006-Nov-2022 16:16:01 
RobJones£1,090.0006-Nov-2022 16:14:37 
RobJones£1,070.0006-Nov-2022 16:14:01 
mht£1,050.0006-Nov-2022 16:14:00 
mht£1,020.0006-Nov-2022 10:11:02 
MarkGower£1,000.0006-Nov-2022 10:11:01 
MarkGower£846.0002-Nov-2022 20:09:57 
bottom-row£826.0002-Nov-2022 20:09:56 
MarkGower£805.0002-Nov-2022 20:04:13 
bottom-row£785.0002-Nov-2022 20:04:12 
MarkGower£760.0002-Nov-2022 20:03:36 
bottom-row£740.0002-Nov-2022 20:03:35 
MarkGower£715.0002-Nov-2022 19:59:08 
bottom-row£695.0002-Nov-2022 19:59:07 
MarkGower£670.0002-Nov-2022 19:56:48 
bottom-row£650.0002-Nov-2022 19:56:48 
MarkGower£620.0002-Nov-2022 19:55:30 
bottom-row£600.0002-Nov-2022 19:55:29 
MarkGower£570.0002-Nov-2022 19:54:28 
bottom-row£550.0002-Nov-2022 19:54:27 
MarkGower£520.0002-Nov-2022 10:35:19 
AMME£500.0002-Nov-2022 10:35:19 
AMME£470.0002-Nov-2022 08:50:54 
MarkGower£450.0002-Nov-2022 08:50:54 
MarkGower£430.0002-Nov-2022 07:46:53 
bottom-row£410.0028-Oct-2022 19:45:08 
SteveJ£400.0028-Oct-2022 19:45:08 
SteveJ£370.0028-Oct-2022 10:24:29 
bottom-row£350.0028-Oct-2022 10:24:29 
bottom-row£320.0027-Oct-2022 22:48:05 
Devonred£300.0027-Oct-2022 22:48:05 
Devonred£285.0027-Oct-2022 22:47:16 
bottom-row£265.0027-Oct-2022 22:47:16 
Devonred£250.0027-Oct-2022 22:46:43 
bottom-row£240.0027-Oct-2022 22:46:42 
Devonred£220.0027-Oct-2022 18:02:12 
Devonred£210.0027-Oct-2022 17:58:05 
dazsutton£200.0027-Oct-2022 17:58:04 
dazsutton£160.0027-Oct-2022 17:57:45 
Devonred£150.0027-Oct-2022 17:57:45 
dazsutton£105.0027-Oct-2022 17:57:27 
Devonred£100.0027-Oct-2022 17:57:26 
dazsutton£65.0027-Oct-2022 15:57:21 
mrt£60.0027-Oct-2022 15:57:20 
dazsutton£50.0027-Oct-2022 15:45:36 
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