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Lot 43 GB17C25938 Light Chequer Hen from Alan Parker

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5th of January 2022 at 11:00 AM
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Photo: Jack Berry

Light Cheq Hen (old ring). Latebred 2021, only cast one flight. Will make a great stock bird (cannot donate better). Donated by Alan Parker.
SIRE: cheq cock NWHU14X5467, No 1 cock, Emiel Deweerdt. Sire, g/sire winners. 5467 won 1st Section, 2nd Open North West Classic Niort 500 miles etc. Two full sisters in top 10 Open. On the Black Saturday a son was 2nd Fed Yelverton when my birds had 15 positions in top 30 of Fed when many birds went missing, this after only being trained 45 miles, this their first race of the season and seven were off this pair. I only sent to two races in 2020, five races in 2021 as only interested in long races, but in 2018 I sent to 23 races and won 18 x 1sts. I have won 18 RPRA Awards over the years and my birds have helped others, which I have always tried to give my best to charities and friends. Also 2021 at Truro, 283 miles the longest race in the Fed I won 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th Fed (son 1633 and son 1624) were 3rd and 5th Fed. I only sent twice to the NFC in the last five years and was 2nd Section L, 43rd Open 2019; 12th Section L, 166th Open. In 2021 I was 114th and 186th Open NFC (hopefully get back to racing distance 2022).
DAM: blue hen NL14-1147289, No 1 hen, direct bred by Cor de Heijde. One of the greatest long distance lofts in Hollad. G/daughter famous Don Michel and sister to Jan Hooymans’ famous Harry out of Jonge Bliksem and Dirkje. Dam and g/dam of winners. Fantastic distance quality hen. G/sire NL06-0721332, blue, son of Geja/La Creche. G/dam NL13-1331007, blue.

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Loopy£440.0015-Jan-2022 18:39:12Yes
wintonwizard£420.0015-Jan-2022 18:39:12 
wintonwizard£415.0015-Jan-2022 18:25:21 
SRM96£395.0015-Jan-2022 18:25:21 
SRM96£390.0015-Jan-2022 18:23:54 
wintonwizard£370.0015-Jan-2022 18:22:52 
LJM64£355.0015-Jan-2022 18:22:51 
wintonwizard£330.0015-Jan-2022 18:17:17 
SRM96£310.0015-Jan-2022 18:13:28 
wintonwizard£305.0015-Jan-2022 18:13:28 
wintonwizard£280.0015-Jan-2022 18:05:37 
Loopy£260.0015-Jan-2022 18:05:37 
wintonwizard£240.0015-Jan-2022 17:53:00 
LJM64£230.0015-Jan-2022 17:53:00 
wintonwizard£215.0013-Jan-2022 21:10:11 
Fulleggs10£205.0013-Jan-2022 18:41:42 
glide£200.0013-Jan-2022 18:41:42 
glide£185.0013-Jan-2022 18:40:16 
Fulleggs10£175.0013-Jan-2022 18:40:15 
glide£160.0013-Jan-2022 18:38:08 
Fulleggs10£150.0013-Jan-2022 18:38:07 
glide£135.0013-Jan-2022 18:36:55 
Fulleggs10£125.0013-Jan-2022 18:36:54 
glide£114.0013-Jan-2022 16:32:39 
wintonwizard£104.0010-Jan-2022 17:14:11 
Dave£100.0010-Jan-2022 17:14:10 
Dave£98.0010-Jan-2022 17:13:23 
wintonwizard£93.0010-Jan-2022 17:13:23 
Dave£87.0010-Jan-2022 16:44:50 
wintonwizard£82.0010-Jan-2022 16:44:50 
Dave£76.0010-Jan-2022 16:43:19 
wintonwizard£71.0010-Jan-2022 16:43:19 
Dave£65.0009-Jan-2022 16:44:23 
mealy1607£60.0009-Jan-2022 16:44:22 
mealy1607£56.0009-Jan-2022 12:45:41 
LJM64£51.0008-Jan-2022 23:07:09 
Whartonwarrior£50.0008-Jan-2022 23:07:08 
Whartonwarrior£45.0007-Jan-2022 18:21:40 
JackTomas£40.0006-Jan-2022 14:31:54 
Alister£35.0006-Jan-2022 14:31:53 
Alister£30.0005-Jan-2022 18:45:03 
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