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Lot 40 NEHU21EC519 Chequer White Flight Hen from Ian Stafford

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5th of January 2022 at 11:00 AM
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Chequer W/F Hen. Donated by Ian Stafford & James Parker, JPS Lofts of Stanley, Co. Durham.
Bred from the very top drawer. Direct from Topstars Princess and Black Bear. Topstars Princess is a very special hen, being a half-sister to Yelena, of Etienne Meirlaen, classed by many as one of the best ever breeding hens in Europe.
SIRE: Belg15-3110285, dark cock. Black Bear, sensational son to one of the best long distance racers in Belgium, the superstar Neymar. This cock is without doubt my favourite de Saer cock. If he doesn’t turn out to be a prolific breeder, I will eat here with a donkey. He is extra special. G/sire Belg12-3120018, dark cock. Neymar, the superstar winner of 1st Fontenay, 6th Nat Limoges 18,407 birds; 10th Nat 11,236 birds; 8th Prov Tours 6,400 birds; 9th S Nat Gueret 2,222 birds; 42nd Nat Tulle 5,976 birds; 28th Nat 3,641 birds and the No 1 Ace Pigeon Long Distance All Belgium 2014. G/dam Belg10-3020881, blue hen. Belinda, full sister to Zwarten As, 1st Nat Ace Long Distance KBDB 2009. Also full sister to Late Zwarten and Zwarte, a supreme dynasty of top, top breeders and racers.
DAM: Belg11-4310202, chequer hen. Topstars Princess, a fantastic specimen and only been bred from in 2014. The youngsters from here are superb and I have no doubt she will leave a long line of winners. She is sister to 1st Nat Cahors, 3rd Nat Brive. G/sire Belg03-4343129, chequer cock. Topstar, one of the most prolific breeders ever in the Belgium sport. Eric Limburg won 1st International Perpignan in 2014. Gaby Vandenabeele won 1st Nat Tulle on the same day. Both children of Topstar. G/dam Belg03-4343099, unknown hen. Diva, the sensational Diva winner of 1st Prov, 2nd International Dax and dam to 1st Nat Cahors, 3rd Nat Brive and many more top birds.

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Kellox£590.0015-Jan-2022 17:21:19Yes
loza£570.0015-Jan-2022 17:21:18 
loza£555.0015-Jan-2022 16:51:59 
Kellox£535.0013-Jan-2022 18:15:08 
loza£530.0013-Jan-2022 18:15:07 
loza£495.0013-Jan-2022 18:12:38 
Kellox£475.0013-Jan-2022 18:12:38 
loza£435.0013-Jan-2022 18:08:46 
Kellox£415.0013-Jan-2022 18:08:45 
loza£355.0012-Jan-2022 17:18:06 
moggy13£335.0011-Jan-2022 17:57:38 
loza£330.0011-Jan-2022 17:57:37 
loza£305.0011-Jan-2022 17:55:49 
moggy13£285.0011-Jan-2022 17:55:49 
loza£245.0011-Jan-2022 17:01:35 
moggy13£235.0011-Jan-2022 10:52:19 
loza£230.0011-Jan-2022 10:52:19 
loza£215.0011-Jan-2022 10:51:53 
moggy13£205.0011-Jan-2022 10:51:52 
loza£185.0011-Jan-2022 10:29:19 
moggy13£175.0011-Jan-2022 10:29:19 
loza£150.0010-Jan-2022 18:03:18 
JCN£140.0010-Jan-2022 11:15:58 
moggy13£130.0010-Jan-2022 11:15:57 
moggy13£115.0009-Jan-2022 12:46:43 
JCN£105.0009-Jan-2022 01:24:16 
moggy13£100.0009-Jan-2022 01:24:15 
moggy13£95.0009-Jan-2022 01:23:44 
JCN£90.0009-Jan-2022 01:23:43 
moggy13£80.0009-Jan-2022 01:23:10 
JCN£75.0009-Jan-2022 01:23:09 
moggy13£65.0008-Jan-2022 16:38:22 
Gary£60.0008-Jan-2022 16:38:22 
Gary£55.0006-Jan-2022 14:32:50 
Dstow£50.0006-Jan-2022 14:32:49 
Dstow£45.0005-Jan-2022 20:59:49 
Gary£40.0005-Jan-2022 20:59:48 
Gary£30.0005-Jan-2022 14:09:23 
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