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Lot 37 2022 Young Bird from J&J Greenfield

Auction closed for price: £160.00
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5th of January 2022 at 11:00 AM
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Youngster, ready March 2022. Donated by John Greenfield of Barnsley, South Yorkshire.
I couldn’t offer any better from our loft.
SIRE:GB21N06202, Denis Sapin Soontjen x Lambrecht (National De Zot) from Dickie Evans. This cock is full brother to another outstanding hen GB18Z36582, which has won: 1st Fougères 363 miles, winning by over 200ypm; 1st Buckingham 112 miles; 1st Newbury 147 miles; 3rd Newbury; 4th Upper Heyford 115 miles; 6th Section K Fougères, 156th Open 9,495 birds NFC 2020.
DAM: GB18Z36592, cheq hen. Denis Sapin Soontjen x Yves van de Poel. Winner of RPRA Region Award 2021 for the 250 to 400 mile category. She won this year: 3rd Section K, 104th Open Sennen Cove 3,939 birds NFC; 3rd Section K, 94th Open Guernsey (2) 5,419 birds NFC; 66th Section K Guernsey (1) NFC. She was also credited with 1st Section K Ace Pigeon NFC; 3rd North Section Ace Pigeon flying 116 miles further than 1st and 2nd; 10th Open Ace Pigeon in the NFC. As a yearling and 2y she has won: 1st Carentan, 1st Kettering, 2nd Newbury, 4th Upper Heyford.

Posted Bids
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bannbanks£160.0015-Jan-2022 18:59:18Yes
RayBullen£150.0015-Jan-2022 18:59:18 
bannbanks£105.0015-Jan-2022 18:57:07 
RayBullen£100.0015-Jan-2022 16:30:28 
derekmcgrath£96.0015-Jan-2022 16:30:28 
RayBullen£90.0015-Jan-2022 15:49:29 
lucky£85.0015-Jan-2022 15:49:29 
RayBullen£60.0012-Jan-2022 15:09:28 
derekmcgrath£55.0012-Jan-2022 15:09:27 
RayBullen£45.0011-Jan-2022 20:06:32 
derekmcgrath£40.0011-Jan-2022 20:06:31 
derekmcgrath£35.0009-Jan-2022 16:20:24 
woodster£30.0007-Jan-2022 17:52:40 
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