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Lot 33 BE21-6130442 Mealy Cock from Patrick Boeckx

Auction closed for price: £520.00
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5th of January 2022 at 11:00 AM
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Mealy Cock. Donated by Patrick Boeckx of Vorselaar.
Patrick and his birds are very well known, they do well everywhere they go.
SIRE: Belg19-6165996, a son of Belg11-6180626 (Dirk van Dyck) and Josephine, 3rd Olympiad pigeon Poznan cat F with 1/1,073b, 1/650b, 2/467b, 5/608b, 5/649b, 13/1,085b and 17/1,537b.
DAM: Belg14-6089696, daughter of Vale DVDB, Belg11-6269967, son of Dirk van den Bulck’s Good Rood. G/dam De 77, Belg09-6044877, g/dam of Sagan, 1st Ace Pigeon Sprint KBDB old birds and yearlings.

Posted Bids
UsernameBid AmountDate MadeWinner
JOHN£520.0015-Jan-2022 16:55:38Yes
spigeons£500.0015-Jan-2022 16:55:38 
spigeons£370.0015-Jan-2022 11:17:06 
Redrich£350.0015-Jan-2022 11:17:05 
Redrich£330.0011-Jan-2022 19:09:39 
Dstow£310.0009-Jan-2022 23:32:56 
spigeons£300.0009-Jan-2022 23:32:55 
spigeons£240.0009-Jan-2022 23:31:24 
Dstow£230.0009-Jan-2022 23:31:23 
spigeons£210.0009-Jan-2022 23:29:08 
Dstow£200.0009-Jan-2022 23:29:07 
spigeons£160.0009-Jan-2022 23:28:07 
Dstow£150.0009-Jan-2022 23:28:06 
spigeons£105.0009-Jan-2022 23:25:49 
Dstow£100.0009-Jan-2022 23:25:48 
spigeons£80.0009-Jan-2022 23:24:29 
Dstow£75.0009-Jan-2022 23:24:28 
spigeons£65.0007-Jan-2022 18:25:46 
Whartonwarrior£60.0007-Jan-2022 18:25:45 
spigeons£50.0007-Jan-2022 18:25:09 
Whartonwarrior£45.0007-Jan-2022 18:25:09 
spigeons£35.0007-Jan-2022 14:44:51 
MSJ£30.0005-Jan-2022 19:49:07 
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