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Lot 32 SU21-355 ‘Jules’ Blue Bar Hen from Joe Murphy

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5th of January 2022 at 11:00 AM
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Blue Bar Hen, Jules. Donated by Joe Murphy of Fife, Scottish Scribe.
Jules is a very special pigeon. Sire is brother to 4th Open SNFC Alençon 573 miles. Their sire son of 1st Open SNFC Falaise 522 miles. He is also half-sister to 1st Open SNFC Roye 510 miles. Dam daughter of 1st and 3rd SNFC Roye National winner.
SIRE: SU10AF364, blue bar. Stephen, brother to My Little Rachel, 4th Open 573 miles; 5th Witton Castle; 6th Eastbourne 2012 injured unflown. 2013 flown Leicester. Brother to My Little Rachel, winner of 4th Open SNFC Alençon 573 miles, also brother to 4th Ace Pigeon MNFC distance for Rob Glover. Sire of 16AF348, winner of 11C 62nd Liège 2018 and 43C 129th Buckingham 2019 3,876 birds. G/sire SU09AF2848, Francis, No 1 stock cock, Gilmour Brothers. Sister is dam of 1st SNFC Roye 2016 for J. Scott. She is also dam of 2C 7th Open Falaise 524 miles 2017. ‘2848’ is sire of 2C 4th Open SNFC Alençon 2013, she is dam of 26th Open SNFC Falaise 2017. ‘2848’ sire of 9th bird Narbonne 502 miles 2012; 15th bird Barcelona 2013. G/dam SU05F12537, g/daughter Robbie’s Gilmour Brothers. Half-sister to Robbie’s Boy, 1st Open SNFC Falaise for Gilmour Brothers. Containing best of Dennis Dall bloodlines.
DAM: SU19DF2206/SU14AF279, Cheq. Ann, C. & G. Cameron. Daughter of Champion Branch, winner of 1st and 3rd Open SNFC Roye 2018 and 2019, winning £1,770. He was beaten by two yards for 1st Nat in 2018 (sat on branch of tree). In 2017 he won 60th Open SNFC Bedhampton 401 miles 6,065 birds (lost over an hour sitting on branch). G/sire SU16AF221, Branch. C. & G. Cameron. Champion Branch, 2019 winner of 1st Sect C, 1st Open SNFC Roye 936b, vel 1215, winning £1,144; 2018 winner 2nd Sect C, 3rd Open SNFC Roye 747b, vel 1243, £626, beaten by two yards (sat on tree) 2017, won 92nd Section C, 360th Open Bedhampton 6,065b. G/dam NL16-3622598, Stultjens van Dongen. Van Dongen 4th National Champion NPO day distance 2021, winner of Gien 43/4,466b 291 miles; Morlincourt 151/2,263b; Sens 1,358/9,145b; Pt St Max 259/1,510b. Dam of prizewinners at SNFC level.

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Greengrass£453.0015-Jan-2022 18:59:39Yes
LD£433.0015-Jan-2022 18:59:38 
Greengrass£412.0015-Jan-2022 18:51:15 
WESTIE£392.0015-Jan-2022 18:51:14 
Greengrass£370.0015-Jan-2022 17:46:29 
LD£350.0015-Jan-2022 17:46:28 
LD£330.0015-Jan-2022 12:14:16 
Greengrass£310.0014-Jan-2022 17:47:42 
cha£300.0014-Jan-2022 17:47:41 
cha£260.0012-Jan-2022 17:41:50 
WilliamBilsland£250.0012-Jan-2022 17:41:49 
cha£212.0010-Jan-2022 18:30:09 
lethanhill£202.0010-Jan-2022 15:39:21 
cha£200.0010-Jan-2022 15:39:21 
cha£191.0010-Jan-2022 15:38:22 
lethanhill£181.0010-Jan-2022 15:38:21 
cha£170.0010-Jan-2022 15:37:25 
lethanhill£160.0010-Jan-2022 15:37:24 
cha£145.0010-Jan-2022 15:36:47 
lethanhill£135.0010-Jan-2022 15:36:46 
cha£115.0007-Jan-2022 21:01:23 
lethanhill£105.0006-Jan-2022 14:03:13 
Rainstorm£100.0006-Jan-2022 14:03:12 
Rainstorm£80.0005-Jan-2022 19:10:29 
lethanhill£75.0005-Jan-2022 19:10:29 
lethanhill£65.0005-Jan-2022 17:58:40 
Rainstorm£60.0005-Jan-2022 17:58:40 
Rainstorm£55.0005-Jan-2022 17:57:41 
lethanhill£50.0005-Jan-2022 17:57:41 
Rainstorm£30.0005-Jan-2022 15:43:08 
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