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Lot 22 GB21N08186 Chequer Hen from Mark Williamson

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5th of January 2022 at 11:00 AM
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Cheq Hen. Donated by Mark Williamson of Ashbourne, Derbyshire.
Since returning to the sport 10 years ago, this loft has won over 300 top 20 Federation positions, including 26 x 1st Federation up to 3,500 birds and from 54 miles through to Saintes 505 miles and at National level has also won 6 x 1st Section in the MNFC/NFC, including also 1st Open MNFC from Bordeaux 568 miles. The pigeon donated to the charity is a stunning 2021 chequer hen, predominantly of Leo Heremans bloodlines, that is an inbred granddaughter to the No 1 stock cock Justus, sire of 5 x 1st Federation and sire/grandsire to well over 100 top 20 Federation cards.
SIRE: GB20N36846, cheq. G/sire 18Z11296 New Justus. Sire 1st NE Section, 10th Open MNFC Carentan YB 2019 2,005b; 4th 1,002b; 8th 1,051b; 15th 2,294b; 9th 519b. G/sire 1st 1,051b. G/dam NL17-1545009 Rianne, J. & F. Hendriks. Dam 1st Sect, 10th Open MNFC 2,005b; 4th 1,002b; 8th 1,051b; 15th 2,294b; 9th 519b. G/dam 1st 1,051b.
DAM: GB19Z05182, cheq pied. G/sire NL11-1343719 blue, Justus, H. & E. Eijerkamp. No 1 stock cock, sire to 5 x 1st Fed, 4 x 2nd Fed, 5 x 3rd Fed etc and sire, g/sire to over 100 top 20 Fed positions up to 3,500b and several good MNFC positions. G/dam B15-4100396 cheq, Flanders Beauty. Flanders collection. Dam to 1st 1,503b; 1st 1,554b; 1st 1,263b; 5th 1,775b; 6th 2,295b; 6th 1,002b; 12th 2,008b; 23rd 1,233b.

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Pij23£235.0015-Jan-2022 18:18:24Yes
SRM96£225.0015-Jan-2022 18:18:23 
Pij23£210.0015-Jan-2022 18:16:56 
LJM64£200.0015-Jan-2022 18:16:56 
Pij23£180.0015-Jan-2022 18:02:44 
LJM64£170.0015-Jan-2022 18:02:44 
Pij23£155.0015-Jan-2022 17:44:17 
LJM64£145.0015-Jan-2022 17:44:16 
Pij23£130.0015-Jan-2022 14:33:17 
Lanzaboy£120.0015-Jan-2022 14:33:17 
Lanzaboy£105.0015-Jan-2022 09:38:48 
siosi£100.0015-Jan-2022 09:38:47 
siosi£80.0013-Jan-2022 19:45:40 
robbo27£75.0009-Jan-2022 20:24:34 
Dslj83£70.0009-Jan-2022 20:24:34 
Dslj83£60.0006-Jan-2022 21:53:22 
Whartonwarrior£55.0006-Jan-2022 21:53:21 
Dslj83£45.0006-Jan-2022 18:21:09 
jamie.munden£40.0006-Jan-2022 18:21:08 
Dslj83£30.0005-Jan-2022 16:26:38 
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