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Lot 05 GB21C21561 Chequer Hen from G&C Cooper

Auction closed for price: £505.00
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5th of January 2022 at 11:00 AM
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Chequer Hen. Donated by Mr & Mrs Geoff & Catherine Cooper of Peasedown St John, Bath.
SIRE: GB15N88820 Farm Darkie, Cooper, dark chequer. Farm Darkie has won 1st National Section St Vincent; 3rd National St Vincent International 2018; 3rd National Section Pau Int; 31st National Pau International 2018; 2nd National Section Perpignan; 25th National Perpignan International. G/sire GB08N30187 Darkie, Cooper. Sire of 2nd Int Bordeaux Yearling. Farm Darkie 1st WS, 3rd National St Vincent BICC Int; 3rd WS Pau BICC Int; 2nd WS Perpignan BICC Int. Brother to dam of 1st International Bordeaux. G/dam GB07N36015 Cooper, 2nd Exeter; 7th Combine Exeter; 6th Newton Abbot. Dam of Farm Stellar 2nd National Falaise; 3rd National Agen International.
DAM: GB16N88714 Lady of the Night. Chequer, 1st National Section St Vincent 2017; 3rd National St Vincent International 535 miles, arriving in the dark as a yearling. Sister to Farmer Forrest 1st Classic Coutances 166 miles. G/sire GB14N88917 Farmer Gong, Cooper. Sire of Farmer Forrest 1st Classic Coutances 2,937b winning by 63ypm. Sire of Lady of the Night 1st WS, 3rd National St Vincent as a yearling 854km arriving on the day in the dark. G/dam DV14-6348-720, Freialdenhofen. Dam of Farmer Forrest 1st Classic Coutances 2,937b winning by 63ypm. Dam of Lady of the Night 1st WS, 3rd National St Vincent International. As a yearling she flew 854km on the day.

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Posted Bids
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woollam£505.0015-Jan-2022 18:15:47Yes
73berwyn£485.0015-Jan-2022 18:12:59 
woollam£470.0015-Jan-2022 18:12:59 
woollam£460.0015-Jan-2022 18:03:55 
73berwyn£440.0015-Jan-2022 17:58:06 
woollam£420.0015-Jan-2022 17:58:05 
woollam£410.0015-Jan-2022 17:52:31 
73berwyn£390.0015-Jan-2022 17:36:01 
woollam£370.0015-Jan-2022 17:36:00 
woollam£360.0015-Jan-2022 17:33:24 
73berwyn£340.0015-Jan-2022 17:27:35 
woollam£330.0015-Jan-2022 17:27:35 
woollam£310.0015-Jan-2022 16:55:52 
73berwyn£290.0015-Jan-2022 16:48:17 
woollam£275.0015-Jan-2022 16:48:17 
woollam£260.0015-Jan-2022 15:47:36 
73berwyn£250.0014-Jan-2022 21:46:17 
valy£240.0014-Jan-2022 21:46:17 
valy£230.0014-Jan-2022 20:32:35 
73berwyn£220.0013-Jan-2022 20:28:58 
Pickles£210.0013-Jan-2022 20:28:58 
Pickles£190.0013-Jan-2022 19:16:13 
73berwyn£180.0013-Jan-2022 19:16:12 
73berwyn£160.0012-Jan-2022 14:01:57 
johnthegas£150.0012-Jan-2022 14:01:56 
johnthegas£130.0012-Jan-2022 13:50:39 
73berwyn£120.0012-Jan-2022 13:16:13 
johnthegas£110.0012-Jan-2022 13:16:12 
johnthegas£105.0011-Jan-2022 13:24:55 
Art77£100.0011-Jan-2022 13:24:55 
Art77£95.0011-Jan-2022 13:13:57 
johnthegas£90.0011-Jan-2022 13:13:56 
johnthegas£85.0009-Jan-2022 10:12:14 
73berwyn£80.0009-Jan-2022 00:40:48 
johnthegas£75.0009-Jan-2022 00:40:47 
johnthegas£70.0008-Jan-2022 13:48:08 
73berwyn£65.0007-Jan-2022 11:07:57 
MrChow£60.0007-Jan-2022 11:07:56 
MrChow£55.0006-Jan-2022 23:22:26 
Jimmy£50.0006-Jan-2022 01:20:58 
MrChow£45.0006-Jan-2022 01:20:58 
MrChow£41.0005-Jan-2022 20:05:45 
HalcyonLofts£36.0005-Jan-2022 20:05:45 
HalcyonLofts£35.0005-Jan-2022 18:00:36 
MrChow£30.0005-Jan-2022 11:13:19 
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