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Lot PN53 Young Bird from Alan Maul

Auction closed for price: £140.00
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18th of March 2021 at 4:00 PM
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A young bird, the pick of any of Alan’s families. Alan was a top flyer until the hawks stopped him flying. He has bred hundreds of winners for other fanciers.

Posted Bids
UsernameBid AmountDate MadeWinner
AngelBrothers£140.0028-Mar-2021 19:49:07Yes
Gordon£130.0028-Mar-2021 19:49:06 
Gordon£126.0028-Mar-2021 15:49:02 
Uniquelady1£116.0028-Mar-2021 15:49:02 
Uniquelady1£115.0028-Mar-2021 15:32:39 
Gordon£105.0028-Mar-2021 14:15:52 
AngelBrothers£100.0028-Mar-2021 14:15:52 
AngelBrothers£85.0028-Mar-2021 14:12:08 
Gordon£80.0028-Mar-2021 14:12:08 
AngelBrothers£65.0026-Mar-2021 17:25:54 
butterbean£60.0026-Mar-2021 17:25:54 
AngelBrothers£52.0026-Mar-2021 17:25:28 
butterbean£47.0026-Mar-2021 17:25:27 
AngelBrothers£41.0022-Mar-2021 03:08:27 
Sharp75£36.0022-Mar-2021 03:08:27 
Sharp75£35.0021-Mar-2021 16:53:14 
Neneland£30.0021-Mar-2021 11:49:05 
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