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Lot PN12 Young Bird from James Parker

Auction closed for price: £86.00
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18th of March 2021 at 4:00 PM
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Top winning JPS Lofts, James is in partnership with Ian Stafford. Many top positions. Won in national.

Posted Bids
UsernameBid AmountDate MadeWinner
AS23£86.0028-Mar-2021 20:06:39Yes
JBW£85.0028-Mar-2021 20:06:39 
JBW£80.0028-Mar-2021 19:57:13 
AS23£75.0028-Mar-2021 19:42:27 
elephant123£70.0028-Mar-2021 19:42:26 
elephant123£65.0028-Mar-2021 19:40:11 
AS23£60.0028-Mar-2021 19:40:10 
AS23£55.0027-Mar-2021 18:26:23 
elephant123£50.0027-Mar-2021 18:26:22 
elephant123£45.0026-Mar-2021 13:38:49 
derekmcgrath£40.0026-Mar-2021 13:38:49 
derekmcgrath£35.0025-Mar-2021 11:07:11 
SORINBALS£30.0020-Mar-2021 07:57:47 
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