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Lot DVF219 2024 YB from Martin Williams, Tarrington (Hereford)

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26th of March 2024 at 11:00 AM
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Martin is a top class fancier and has been for many years. He has 13 section wins in the NFC and is always in top results of the CSCFC, BICC & NFC. To add to his super performance he had a hen drop in his absence to be 226ypm ahead of the field at the 2022 Tarbes National, only to be disqualified for being 11 minutes late in verifying  her with the club. Fantastic YB on offer here for the distance enthusiast out of one of his racing birds that has flown Tarbes.

Martin outlines some of his performances: “My Star bird of last year is my 2 year old Jellema Blue Cock 45, winner of: 1st Section, 20th Open BICC St Philbert,1st Section, 5th Open BICC St Maixent Ecole, 13th Section, 95th Open Sigogne NFC in a hard race, 14 hours 41 minutes on the wing. The Blue hen 408, I called ‘The Wonder Hen’. She was probably one of the best birds in the NFC as a yearling in 2016, winning 1st Section, 11th Open Ancenis, 7th Section, 58th Open Messac and 10th Section, 141st Open Fougeres. I sent her to Saintes and she returned 10 days late. She was then put straight in the stock loft. Her son took 3rd Section, 6th Open from Sigogne NFC. Miss Molly 221 was NFC 1st Ace Pigeon of 2021 taking 2nd Section from Sennen Cove. Blue Gem 04 was NFC 2nd Ace pigeon of 2021, taking 1st, 2nd and 2 x 5th Section positions. My top distance hen (Blue in the Night) is of Jelle Jellema bloodlines who put up an amazing performance with the NFC in the 2022 Tarbes race. She was so fast I missed verifying her by 11 minutes as I was not at the loft when she arrived and registered on the ETS. As a result she was unfortunately disqualified, although outstripping the field by 226 yards per minute, a record margin. She obviously took advantage of flying into the night after a late liberation. Then there was 55, a blue chequered hen who was 1st Section, 11th Open Messac, 5th Section, 43rd Open Coutances and 9th Section, 45th Open Ancenis, all NFC races having over 5,500 birds. She was also 6th Open from Guernsey with the CSCFC.”

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GavBuck£120.0030-Mar-2024 15:18:49Yes
stevens£110.0030-Mar-2024 15:18:48 
stevens£105.0030-Mar-2024 15:12:36 
GavBuck£100.0030-Mar-2024 15:12:35 
stevens£80.0030-Mar-2024 15:11:26 
GavBuck£75.0030-Mar-2024 15:11:25 
stevens£66.0029-Mar-2024 22:13:50 
WESTIE£61.0029-Mar-2024 22:13:49 
stevens£50.0029-Mar-2024 20:58:07 
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