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Lot BHW40 2023 Young Bird from John Wheatcroft

Auction closed for price: £330.00
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11th of January 2023 at 11:00 AM
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2023 Young Bird from John Wheatcroft of Pinxton, Derbyshire.

SIRE: NL21-1606791 Theo, T A Hutten, Blue Chequer. Half-brother to Olympic Hans, top racer and breeder, owned by the Eijerkamp family. Sire and g/sire to many winners including 1st NPO Morling 3605b, 1st Niergnies 2791b, 1st Quievrain 1206b, 1st Nanteuil 761b, 2nd Venlo 18959b, 2nd Laon 11179b, 2nd Nanteuil 7509b, 2nd Quievrain 2135b, 3rd NPO Chateau 3794b, 3rd Nanteuil 761b, 4th Semi Nat 8414b, 4th Bierges 3901b, 5th Nanteuil 7509b.
DAM: NL15-1886060 Blue, daughter of Hurricane, W A de Bruijn. Full sister to the dam of No Limit, Jan Vanderpasch & daughter. 1st Nat Ace Pigeon Sprint NPO 2022. 1st Ace Sprint Section 4 Limburg. 1st Chalon 755b, 1st Chalon 417b, 1st Chalon 792b, 1st Chalon 1828b, 1st Marche 403b, 6th Prov 303km 3357b, 8th Prov 303km 4380b, 11th Mettel 2052b, 12th Prov 303km 8054b, 19th Prov 246km 3553b.

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Posted Bids
UsernameBid AmountDate MadeWinner
ted1929£330.0021-Jan-2023 18:54:40Yes
donny£310.0021-Jan-2023 18:54:39 
donny£304.0021-Jan-2023 18:51:08 
Pingpong£284.0021-Jan-2023 18:36:45 
donny£275.0021-Jan-2023 18:36:45 
donny£260.0021-Jan-2023 17:36:23 
JOHN£250.0021-Jan-2023 17:36:23 
JOHN£210.0021-Jan-2023 16:46:05 
donny£200.0021-Jan-2023 16:46:04 
JOHN£180.0021-Jan-2023 16:30:56 
donny£170.0021-Jan-2023 16:30:56 
donny£160.0019-Jan-2023 12:03:51 
Adrian£150.0019-Jan-2023 10:55:00 
donny£140.0019-Jan-2023 10:55:00 
Adrian£120.0018-Jan-2023 17:04:07 
donny£110.0018-Jan-2023 17:04:07 
donny£105.0018-Jan-2023 14:52:45 
Adrian£100.0018-Jan-2023 13:30:42 
Bobster£95.0018-Jan-2023 13:30:41 
Adrian£85.0018-Jan-2023 13:28:26 
Bobster£80.0018-Jan-2023 13:28:25 
Adrian£70.0015-Jan-2023 18:44:50 
Taylor£65.0015-Jan-2023 18:44:40 
Taylor£60.0014-Jan-2023 20:59:19 
sylwek£55.0011-Jan-2023 21:13:08 
kipo£50.0011-Jan-2023 21:13:08 
kipo£45.0011-Jan-2023 21:11:52 
sylwek£40.0011-Jan-2023 21:11:51 
kipo£30.0011-Jan-2023 12:27:33 
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