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Lot BHW21 GB21E01199 Dark Chequer Hen from Brian & Angie Garnham

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11th of January 2023 at 11:00 AM
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GB21E01199 (old ring) Dark Chequer Hen from Brian & Angie Garnham.

“We are both pleased and honoured to donate a bird for the Charity Auction. Our selection this year is a young hen from our best performing cock ‘Florence Black’, GB20X06008.

“Florence Black’s preparation was club racing from start of season, then winning club at NRCC Perth 275 mls  39th Sec C, 87th Open, NRCC. Fraserburgh 335 mls 18th Sec C 40th Open 2 weeks before NRCC Lerwick, for 2nd Sec C 3rd Open NRCC. He helped us to win Old Bird and Overall Average in the NRCC. In the BICC he won 1st NE Sec. 2nd Open Lerwick 498 mls. He is from a Menne & Dtr cock that had already bred 1st sec H 15th Open Tarbes NFC  2019 673 mls. X a Dtr from ‘Bartholomus’, 4 Times Barcelona prizes X Dafne 4 Times Barcelona prizes.

“A full sister of Florence Black was 4th Sec C 11th Open NRCC. 5th NC Sec 6th Open BICC Lerwick for our friends Russ & Denise Skinner.

“The dam of GB21E01199 was his race partner and is bred from birds of two of our best friends to compete at the top level.”

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acartwright£190.0021-Jan-2023 18:51:10Yes
Lanzaboy£180.0021-Jan-2023 18:51:10 
Lanzaboy£170.0021-Jan-2023 18:37:50 
acartwright£160.0021-Jan-2023 18:33:21 
Lanzaboy£150.0021-Jan-2023 18:33:20 
Lanzaboy£140.0021-Jan-2023 18:13:30 
acartwright£130.0021-Jan-2023 16:23:57 
Lanzaboy£120.0021-Jan-2023 16:23:57 
Lanzaboy£105.0021-Jan-2023 15:40:58 
acartwright£100.0021-Jan-2023 15:40:58 
acartwright£90.0021-Jan-2023 13:15:06 
11happydayz£85.0021-Jan-2023 11:36:17 
Lanzaboy£80.0021-Jan-2023 11:36:17 
Lanzaboy£75.0020-Jan-2023 17:57:40 
Andythedoo66£70.0020-Jan-2023 17:57:40 
Andythedoo66£60.0019-Jan-2023 21:47:07 
LJM64£55.0015-Jan-2023 21:18:22 
kipo£50.0015-Jan-2023 21:18:21 
kipo£45.0015-Jan-2023 21:16:58 
LJM64£40.0015-Jan-2023 21:16:58 
kipo£30.0011-Jan-2023 12:23:03 
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