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Lot BHW18 NL22-8638464 Chequer from Gilbert and Paul Heijnen

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11th of January 2023 at 11:00 AM
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NL22-8638464 Chequer from Gilbert and Paul Heijnen, Gronsveld, Holland. Specially bred for one day and cross-Channel racing.

SIRE: NL16-1875001, De 001. G. Heijnen & Son, blue, 1st Ace Pigeon one day Reg ‘18/’19; 1st Reg La Souterraine ‘19; 10th Prov La Souterraine ‘19 (1,725b); 23rd Nat La Souterraine (5,380b); 94th Nat Sect 1 Argenton ‘19 (11,959b); 2nd Reg Argenton ‘19; 4th Reg Chateauroux; 280th Nat (4,185b); 404th Nat Sec 1 (8,582b). Top racer, 1st Ace Pigeon Sprint ‘19, direct son of Raket 95. G/sire NL06-1461095, Raket 95. G. Heijnen & Son, blue, 1st La Souterraine ss Valkenburg; 1st Reg Bourges; 1st Reg La Souterraine; 9th Prov La Souterraine (2,125b); 21st Prov Chateauroux (2,954b); 45th Prov Bourges (4,447b). G/dam NL05-1750290, Blauw t’ 90. G. Heijen & Son, blue, full sister 1st NatBourges (59,908b) Belgium ‘07.
DAM: 18-1321585, Witpen Jan. G. Heijnen & Son, Kras, 1st Ace Pigeon 2020; 2nd Perpignan; 3rd Dax; 8th Marseille; 5th Pau. Winner of 1st Champ Club ‘22; 1st Keizerschap ‘22; 2 x 1st and 2nd Get ‘22. G/sire NL15-1087032, Dax Doffer Jan. Jan Krauth, Kras, 1st Reg Dax ‘17; 60th Prov Dax ‘17; 4th Reg Bergerac ‘16; 77th Prov Bergerac ‘16. Son of De Carcason, 1st Interprov; Carcason ‘06; 3rd Nat Carcason. G/dam NL16-1760509, Bontje Jan. Jan Krauth, Kras Witpen, nest sister of Goede Jaarling, Jan Krauth, 1st Reg Bergerac ‘17; 28th Prov Bergerac (1,908b) ‘17; 65th NPO Bergerac.

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RayBullen£111.0021-Jan-2023 18:42:15Yes
PinoyAko1970£101.0021-Jan-2023 18:39:28 
RayBullen£100.0021-Jan-2023 18:39:28 
RayBullen£90.0021-Jan-2023 15:16:06 
jrffc£85.0021-Jan-2023 14:44:07 
JOHN£80.0021-Jan-2023 14:44:07 
JOHN£75.0021-Jan-2023 13:40:36 
jrffc£70.0021-Jan-2023 13:40:36 
jrffc£65.0021-Jan-2023 12:51:20 
RayBullen£60.0021-Jan-2023 12:51:20 
RayBullen£55.0021-Jan-2023 11:23:13 
oldmealy£50.0021-Jan-2023 11:23:12 
oldmealy£45.0019-Jan-2023 22:19:16 
franki.21£40.0016-Jan-2023 20:35:32 
WESTIE£35.0016-Jan-2023 20:35:32 
WESTIE£30.0014-Jan-2023 09:37:03 
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