Our latest auction is for 58 young birds from the Cotswold Valley One Loft Race, and runs until Wednesday 12th October. See outline details here.

You need to be registered on the site to be able to bid online – see the detailed instructions on the home page. By registering/bidding you agree to accept and abide by the Auction Rules. The usual site terms & conditions apply.

The auction of the RPRA One Loft 2022 Yearlings opens on Wednesday morning. Outline details are here and the list of lots to be auctioned can be seen here. Please note that lots will not appear on the site until the auction goes live.

If you have a group of pigeons to sell, or are having a clearance sale, why not contact us to discuss us hosting your sale? There are two ways to set up an auction: either we enable you to upload your own lots, along with supporting images and pedigrees, OR we will do the necessary preparatory website work, from the information supplied by you.

Contact us on 01452 713529 or at [email protected]

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